Promotion of Youngsters in Kallady Veloor

Kallady Veloor is a fourth-order administrative division and is a remote village in Batticaloa District located in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.. The most of the livelihood of the villagers are fishing and farming. Education level is low in comparison. And it was found that the involvement of the youngsters’ in Education as well as in co-curricular activities very poor. It was decided to promote the youngsters participation in each activities of the community.

Hence, “Promotion of Youngsters in Kallady Veloor” was initiated by Sagacious Youth Led Organization – Sri Lanka to bring out the talents of the youngsters, promote their talents and to change them to lead a positive bright generation in the future. In order to implement the project, “Kallady Veloor Sri Sakthy Vidyalayam” was selected to implement the project.

A discussion with the students and teachers was conducted as a pre-preparation for the project to be implemented.

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