Youth Lead Initiative

That it is (Youth Lead Initiative) flavor of the season, there is no doubt about it, with young people coming out and speaking up in public spaces to fill the vacuum left by adults. We have seen it in India in last few years and the protest against gun violence in USA on March 25 underlined it very well.
For us this has become a personal experience as we share Play for Peace® in SriLlanka this month.
It started as a conversation on messenger with Kishoth, who we had never met. On March 22 & 23,we met with 23 young people and shared #Play_for_Peace.

Kishoth is co-founder of Sagacious Youth Lead Consortium Sri Lanka and he connected us to youth in Mullaitivu that resulted in first Play for Peace initiative in Jaffna region.
Today few youth from the group lead their first “Practice Peace Session” in a remote area of Eastern Province.
Very motivating to meet young people who are taking initiative and working towards creating a inclusive society!
The youth also started “3D White Feather” a club to share their stories with Play for Peace Clubs and Mentors

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