What we do, why we do, and how we do

Our Programmes

Water, and Environment

Research and development to conserve the environmental ecosystems, and sustainable utilization of local resources.

Children, and Youth

Empowering the children, and youth from the marginalised communities in Sri Lanka through skills development, and communicative leadership.

Peacebuilding, and Reconciliation

Nurturing social integration and to give communities a greater voice creating a common platform to listen to each other through passions of youth.

Women in Technology

Bridging the gender gap in tech by encouraging women to learn programming, a skill that is becoming necessary in today's technological working environment.

Community Innovation

Creating an equitable learning environment to tackle socio-economic, and environmental challenges, using challenge-based learning.

Media Empowerment

Capacity building on media, information literacy, and digital peacebuilding to counteract hate speech through positive messaging, and media productions.